Roaster’s Choice


Product Description


Hart Coffee is what’s known as a “nano roaster”, which is essentially is a fancy way to say that we’re a coffee roasting company with a tiny production scale. Because of this small size, we travel through fresh crops quickly and only select coffees that we’re actually really, really excited about.

This is where you can get your hands on some of that coffee. This option is for a 12oz bag of single origin coffee that we’re particularly excited about, essentially you’ll be drinking what the roaster is drinking.

If you wish to peruse a current offerings list and select a specific coffee, please email us at coffee@hartcoffee.com

Roasting and shipping are carried out the same day, typically on Tuesdays. Orders must be placed by 7:00am PST on Tuesdays to be shipped that week. Orders placed after that deadline will be shipped the following week.


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